Why Study Biological Sciences at NJIT?

Some of the most exciting issues of our era, such as those relating to biotechnology, genetic engineering, environmental problems, neuroscience and health, require a strong background in biology. Biology provides adaptability; knowledge of a broad range of subjects; analytical, logical, and critical thinking; and ability to work in teams, often interdisciplinary. There are many unanswered questions that are “bio” related and many challenges that will decide our quality of living in the future. For example, a neurobiologist might ask: How is memory stored in the brain? What changes in the brain lead to Alzheimer’s disease? Where does our cognition come from?

NJIT’s scientists and engineers conduct research on many different bio-related topics and at various levels. Our mathematical neuroscientists work on basic aspects of the brain, from the electrical activity of individual neurons to networks of neurons involved in vision, oscillatory muscle activity, and memory mechanisms. Vision research, stem cells and tissue engineering are major research concentrations in biomedical engineering. Other researchers focus on the environment and the prevention and remediation of pollution. Some biophysics research is taking place on non-linear auditory responses in mammals. NJIT’s research activities in bio-related fields are some of the most diverse in New Jersey, and continued expansion of research expertise in these areas will enhance the health and safety of our society, and also can provide basic understanding and tools for improving treatments in medicine and treatment to make our world a better place to live.