Current Research Projects

Six biology (above) undergraduates spent the summer as interns at St. Michael's Hospital in Newark.  They shadowed their mentor Jim Fallon of the Infectious Disease Department, observing appointments of patients on various HIV medications.  Each student was assigned a different trial medication to monitor and tracked the same group of patients throught the summer.  The students became familarized with clinical trials, HIV regiments and hospital protocol with patients. 

(Left to right: Jim Fallon of SMCC with students In Lee, Tehzeeb Hassan, Iwin Chu, Jerry Joseph, Rachna Desai and Ravi Desai)

Krystian Jarosz worked in the laboratory of Dr. Scott Diehl at the New Jersey Dental School Center for Pharmacogenomics and Complex Disease Research.  He assisted Dr. Diehl on a project to assess genetic susceptibility to early onset periodontal disease.

(Krystian Jarosz with mentor Dr. Scott Diehl of New Jersey Dental School)


Mentored by professor Carol Venanzi, Supreet S. Bindra and graduate student Deepangi Pandit worked on a project to analyze analogs of GBR 12909 as potential treatment for cocaine addiction.

(Supreet S. Bindra and graduate student Deepangi Pandit preparing a manuscript for future publication)