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Along with a solid foundation in biology, the program integrates mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry.

Why Study Biology at NJIT?

Some of the most exciting issues of our era, such as those relating to biotechnology, genetic engineering, environmental problems, neuroscience and health, require a strong background in biology. Biology provides adaptability; knowledge of a broad range of subjects; analytical, logical, and critical thinking; and ability to work in teams, often interdisciplinary.

Mousa Hamad is a Biology major in the Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT. Mousa is doing research in learning and memory within the hippocampus. His ultimate goal is to pursue an MD post graduation. At the Gluck Lab he is conducting research as well as helping to raise funds for the Rutgers/Al-Quds University Brain Research Exchange Program.

Central King Gets a Face Lift

NJIT’s Central King Building is undergoing a transformation. Funded in part by grants from the State of New Jersey after the passage of the $750-million higher education bond act, the...