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Biology News

Under the guidance of Dirk Bucher and Farzan Nadim, both faculty in the department, Dr. Li used a small neural circuit in crabs for her dissertation work to show that the way two modulatory neuropeptides act together can be very different at different subcellular targets. Their combined effect... Read More

It is with great pleasure that we announce Professor Farzan Nadim as the 2018 receipient of NJIT's Excellence in Research Prize and Medal for his work as a Professor of Neurobiology and Director of the Institute of Brain and Neuroscience Research. The Excellence in Research Prize and Medal is... Read More

The journal Biodiversity and Conservation recently published a paper by current and former NJIT faculty and students on how to manage powerline corridors to enhance the number and diversity of native bees. Many people are aware that hive-living, non-native honeybees are in trouble, but... Read More